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Engaging with experience, our teams have worked together in various forms for decades, colleagues and partners who've built an enviable reputation in their respective spheres of influcence, many regarded as guru's being regularly called upon as Keynote Speakers at industry events and webinars.

Utilising our trusted strategic partners, we pool our global resources collaborating on worldwide projects to ensure we have always delivered on time and within budget for our loyal clientelle.

Global Trusted Partners

Overcoming the Challenges of Pervasive Video
Market Analytics

We subscribe to various market research and focus groups, constantly leveraging our intellectual property with trends and best practices.

For example Frost & Sullivan's most recent report 'Overcoming the Challenges of Pervasive Video  – Moving Video Collaboration to the Cloud' is a fascinating read.

Click Here to Request a Copy of: 'Overcoming the Challenges of Pervasive Video' by Frost & Sullivan

Wainhouse Research

Wainhouse Research analyse market trends, technologies/products, vendors, applications, and related services in the Unified Communications and rich media conferencing fields, we often reply on their forecasting in gauging client expectations.

For example, recent webinars you can now watch 'on-demand' include:

On-Demand viewing: 'Are Video Room Systems Going the Way of the Dinosaur' with Andrew W. Davis – Co-founder, Wainhouse Research
Andrew Davis - Wainhouse Research
Are Video Room Systems Going the Way of the Dinosaur?

On-Demand viewing: 'How to Boost Productivity in the Age of the Video-Enabled Workforce' with Melanie Turek – Vice President, Research, Frost & Sullivan
Melanie Turek
Boost Productivity in the Age of the Video-Enabled Workforce?

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